What Is NAET?

NAET (Nambrudipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) employs Chinese Medicine principles to detect and clear allergies, intolerances and sensitivities to food, our environment, and many other things.  Dr. Devi Nambrudipad suffered from debilitating allergies and sensitivities since childhood.  In search for answers to her problems, she studied and earned her degree in Acupuncture, Chiropractic medicine, and also became a Medical Doctor.  This method was developed in 1983 by Dr. Devi Nambrudipad to answer her questions and resolve her allergies and sensitivities.  Since then, she has helped countless people with this cutting-edge technique and continues to teach this technique to many practitioners around the world. 


Each cell in your body creates electrical charge (positive and negative).  Every item also carries an electrical charge such as the food you eat, your body, and any item you touch.  Therefore, when you eat or touch an item, the polarities of the energy may attract or repel, like a magnet.  If it repels, it may cause an allergy reaction, showing weakness in your body.  The allergy reaction for every person is different such as coughing, itching, fatigue, rashes, anaphylaxis etc…  Each cell can talk to another cell in your body.  In turn, your cells can talk to another person’s cell too. 

Your body also remembers everything that happens to you.  So, after a traumatic experience, the next time the same incident happens, your body will try to protect you.  Your body protects you by sending out signals such as an allergic response to tell you to stay away and not eat or touch that item.  That is why muscle testing is performed.  Your body will tell the practitioner yes or no to items that are causing your allergic/intolerant response.

NAET works by resetting the brain and the body via the autonomic nervous system by using a combination of Acupuncture theory, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, and muscle testing.  Thereby, restoring your body to its optimal form and function.

“The doctor of the future requires no medicine.”  ~Thomas Edison


Each item and even emotions carry its unique energy signature.  Muscle testing is performed on the patient to determine the body’s allergy response to all types of items.  During muscle testing, if your body goes weak, it indicates that you have an allergy/sensitivity to this item.  If your body indicates strong, then you have NO allergy/sensitivity to this item. 

Once the allergic items are found for one particular treatment, a patient will hold the vials containing the energy signature of the items.  Then, the practitioner will reset the body and mind through breathing and acupressure techniques, to clear the allergy out of the body.  After that, the patient will get Acupuncture and be left alone for ~20min for the allergen to fully clear and reset the body. 

Next, the patient is advised to avoid the allergen for the next 25 hours, no eating, no touching, and sometimes not to be near the item.  For example, Egg Mix comes up as an allergen.  The patient must then avoid eating/touching eggs, chicken, feathers, and other items containing or related to eggs. 

After a couple of days, the patient is then retested to see if their body passed (reset itself so that the body no longer considers those items as an allergen).  If the patient passes the initial item, the next item will be tested in the same manner.  So on, and so forth.  If the patient does not pass the initial test, then a second round of clearing the allergen may be needed.  More questioning will be done to determine what happened during that time to fail the test.  


This is the amount of time it takes your body to complete the circuit flow through all your meridians and channels in the body.  The “allergic items” need to flow through all 12 channels for full clearance which takes 24 hours.  For some, the allergen may take more or less time to clear out of the body and may require longer than 25 hours.  The timing will be determined by the practitioner at the time of treatment.   


For the most part, NO.  Most times the issues you are experiencing are not directly from the particular allergen you think.  The allergic responses may be coming from the 15 basic items in the kit or combinations of those items that is causing the allergic/sensitive reaction. 

If only the “allergen” is treated before the 15 basics, you may see little to no change in your situation.  Your body did not get to the allergic reactions you are experiencing today from one thing but maybe a combination of things.  Only you missed the body’s signals that you had an allergic reaction.  You might chalk it up to, it only happened once or that was so minor, it was nothing.  Before you know it, the body has built up a big allergic response and then you realize it has been going on for weeks, months, years, or all your life. 


1.  Do you have unexplained allergies/sensitivities that has not been resolved with any medicine?

2.  Have you exhausted all the conventional medicine diagnosis and nobody can figure out what is going on with you?

3.  Are your lab results and other diagnostic results normal?

4.  Do you notice that the symptoms happen randomly or that it comes and goes depending on what you are eating or doing?

5.  Were you able to eat certain foods before and had no problems?  Then all of a sudden, one day you eat those foods, and then you start having issues?

6.  Do you eat healthy and exercise regularly and still have problems?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, NAET will be a good solution for you. 

To learn more about NAET, visit www.NAET.com

For more information, please contact us for a consultation at thetaoarts.com.

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