The POWER of NAET – Treating PANDA Like Symptoms in a 4year old Boy

You may ask, what is NAET?  NAET stands for Nambrudipad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.  This method was developed by Dr. Devi Nambrudipad who suffered from debilitating allergies and sensitivities since childhood.  In search for answers to her problems, she studied and earned her degree in Acupuncture, Chiropractic medicine, and became an MD.  Through NAET Dr. Devi reduced her allergic/sensitivity symptoms so dramatically she could lead a normal life. 

NAET works by resetting the brain and the body via the autonomic nervous system by a using a combination of Acupuncture theory, acupuncture, and muscle testing.  Even if you do not remember, your body and mind does.  Everything has a certain energy signature.  If an item decreases your energy, we call that an allergen/sensitivity and you get a weak muscle test.  Muscle testing for a weakness or strength indicates which item you are allergic/sensitive to, strong indicates no allergy or sensitivity.  The item could be anything from foods, fabrics, vitamins, chemicals, our own body parts, emotional factors, and sometimes multiple combinations.  A patient typically holds the vials that is causing the problem, while the practitioner presses down the back along the spinal nerves through a series of breathing passes.  The patient continues to hold the vials for ~20-30min and can be needled to move the Qi more.  After that time frame, the patient is muscle tested for a strong response.  If the muscle testing indicates strong, the patient has desensitized from the “allergens”.

The story I will describe below is very personal, this involves my oldest son Jake who is now 4years old and how NAET helped him.  When Jake was 3 years old, there was a period of 3-4 months when he was sick every month.  As soon as he would recover, something else made him sick.  Soon after this period, I noticed Jake started blinking a lot.  He would blink constantly.  He could not stop even when asked.  Asking a 3year old if his eyes were dry or why they bothered him so much did not yield very satisfactory or reliable answers.  Being a mom as well as a healthcare practitioner, I was very concerned.  His daycare teachers also mentioned the blinking to us.  I went in search for answers.  The pediatrician did not know what was causing the symptoms and he was not overly concerned.  He thought it would resolve on its own.  The pediatrician suggested we rule out his vision.  Off to the pediatric Ophthalmologist we went.  Jake’s vision was fine but the Ophthalmologist did suggest that it could be something called PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated With Streptococcal Infections) especially when I told her I noticed it after he was sick for 3months.

PANDAs typically occur after a strep infection and the bacteria can attach itself to the cell wall of human cells.  By doing this, it evades the body’s immune system.  When the body is able to find the bacteria, the body not only attacks the strep but the cells of the individual causing symptoms like tics, motor dysfunction, obsessive compulsive disorders, and very abrupt or worsening symptoms.  The Ophthalmologist suggested we try eye drops to break Jake from the blinking.  That did work but if he was stressed out, his blinking would return.  Then, winter turned to spring and his blinking and tics went away.    Hooray!! 

Then in the late summer early fall of 2017, Jake started with the eye blinking again.  He also had new signs: making sounds in his throat and straightening out his right arm constantly.  As he got more nervous both arms would do this as well as the other signs.  We had throat cultures done but he did not have any strep throat and he did not actually get sick.  I was not happy with the answers and other forms of treatment.  So, I started treating Jake using NAET.  I started with the basic 6 items from the Master Kit.  I muscle tested Jake for the “allergic” items, emotions, and any body parts that needed to be cleared.  After the basic 6, I did a combination with some of the basic 6 items along with emotions and more body parts – his symptoms improved by 80%.  When he would exhibit more tics, I knew I had to continue with the basics again.  After about 8 treatments, Jake shows no signs of excessive eye blinking, noises or grunts in his throat, or straightening out his arms!!!  Hip Hip Hooray for NAET!!!

You may ask, how do you treat a 4year old with NAET?  Initially, I was having Jake hold the vials then doing the desensitizing.  However, Jake ended playing with the vials and staying up instead of sleeping.  I started to do remote healing for him.  I would desensitize him using an item like a pillow or doll for the breathing passes and pretend it was Jake’s back.  Then, as he was sleeping, I would put the jar into his hand and have him hold it for 20min or so.  No needling is required for this process to work but can help and make the process faster.  Instead of remote healing, I could have used a surrogate, meaning my husband could pretend to be Jake and I could give him the treatment but Jake would get the benefit.  I know this sounds unbelievable but seeing is believing.  This is my story about the power of NAET on a 4year old boy.  😊

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