Low Back Pain

Do you suffer from low back pain, sciatica, or insomnia due to your pain?  Here are a few questions you need to answer to understand the root of your pain?

  1. How old is your bed?
  2. Do you look at your bed and not want to get in?
  3. Did your pain start before or after buying a new bed or foam topper?
  4. What positions do you sleep in – back, side, tummy, or all you all over the place?
  5. Did you get a new pillow?
  6. Does the pillow support you enough?

The age of your bed can affect how you sleep due to its support or lack of support.  For a few, it may be that your bed is not that old, but it never felt right to you, or the good feeling went away quickly.  Maybe you got a mattress that is a lemon!  How do you know the bed is a lemon or if it is no longer right for you? You wake up in more pain than when you went to sleep. You dread going to sleep in your bed. You have a fitful sleep because you can never feel comfortable. The best way to find out if the mattress is the problem, sleep in another bed. Spend a couple of nights at your parent’s, or a friend’s house, or go on vacation. Pay attention to your pain level and how you sleep. Is it better, the same, or worse? If it is better, then you know it is the bed. Replace the bed and find one that fits better for you.  

How do I know if my bed is a lemon?

You know those warranties you can buy for your bed, read the fine print before you buy it. But if you do buy the mattress warranty, use it! Most have clauses where you can have the bed assessed, especially if it is within a certain time frame or you have a defective mattress. Here is more information:  Mattress Warranties – Advice and Tips You Need to Know in 2022 (sleephelp.org)

How do I know what bed is good for me?  

Bed needs are different for each person. Stocky and taller people may need a firmer bed to support their bodies. If you are petite, you may need a softer mattress. If stature falls somewhere in the middle, you may want a medium-firm or medium soft bed. You have to try out the mattresses. From your previous experience with your mattress, decide if that brand, firmness level, and size were good for you. If it is, you may want to find something similar.  

When should I replace my bed?

That is a personal preference and decision. The quality of a bed determines how fast you may need to replace a bed. Typically, any mattress that is ten years or older may need replacing.  

What about Memory foam beds?

Some people love memory foam beds because of the soft cushion and the support. I am not a fan of memory foam beds because of all the chemicals in the memory foam and my bad personal experience with a memory foam topper for a bed. I am not sure if it is the same for a full memory foam bed. Read my story about pain and memory foam toppers.

It is not only beds that can affect your low back.  Here are other questions you may want to answer or consider as well. They all have an impact on your back pain due to posture.

  1. Did you change your car?
  2. How high is the car seat? Is it a bucket-style seat? Can you adjust the bucket-style seat?
  3. Did you get a new chair for your office or at home?
  4. Did you change your sofa or the location of your sofa to the television?
  5. Do you sit at odd angles or weird positions?
  6. Do you walk a lot for work? 
    1. Are your shoes supporting you enough?  
    1. You may want to consider shoes with memory foam inserts – they act like anti-fatigue mats.

Would you like an ergonomic assessment of your posture?  I can advise you with small ergonomic changes that may significantly improve your comfort level.  

Read my Low Back Pain Story.

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